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Apr 18, 2019 03:30 PM (IST)

91springboard, Sector 1, Noida


Operational enablement model to create self-organizing, agile, adaptive and scalable organizations

Dr. Karuna Batra

Organizational Operations Architect, Enterprise Agile Coach, Management Consultant, JIRA Solutions Architect

With a 25 years career as a coder, software product architect, physics scientist, coach and an entrepreneur, I have been working on the science and concept of Self-organization and self-managed teams (also a subject of my Ph.D. thesis). I see agile as a framework to enable and catalyze self-organizing and self-managed teams in alignment with organic evolution.

  • Management Consultant
  • Enterprise Agile Coach
  • Organizational Operations Architect

More about the event

Holacracy practice takes us from business as usual to a radically new way of working. new ways of thinking, new rules, new habits.


  • Make your organization more agile and responsive
  • Increase clarity around responsibility and priorities
  • Decrease office politics
  • Enable deeper employee engagement and empowerment
  • Be driven by your organization's purpose


Teams around the world are practicing Holacracy to achieve these goals. It’s a customizable self-management practice to transform your organization.

One of the awesome benefits of Holacracy practice is that it allows you to continually iterate and improve your organizational structure.

More than 1000+ companies have adopted it to build a purpose-driven agile organization.


I’d love to share on how you can use this customizable self-management practice to transform you organization.


Join in for an hourly introductory session on Holacracy on 18th April at 3:30 PM by Dr. Karuna Batra (Pioneer : self – organization).

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 Apr 18, 2019 03:30 PM (IST)

91springboard, Sector 1, Noida
C2, Sector-1 Noida

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