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Leveraging spreadsheets in the 21st century - the gateway to Big data

Aug 22, 2019 05:00 PM (IST)

91springboard BKC


Perfect for users who have basic knowledge of Excel/Spreadsheets to broaden their horizons and understand how you can use multiple features to make your work more efficient

Ankit Kush

Founder and CEO Bodhable

Cobodh is a platform for Corporate Trainings with specific focus on Gamification. The firm works with premium trainers to provide curated gamification trainings to MNCs and corporates in areas ranging from ISO Certification, leadership development, team building, sales excellence, personal transformation and business technology implementation. Ankit is an MBA from ISB Hyderabad and a mechanical engineer from NIT Surat with 3+ years of management consulting & 5+ years of engineering consulting

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More about the event

Why learn spreadsheets?

Clean unstructured data in a much lesser time.

Dive into data and get really useful analysis. Take decisions based on data and not assumptions.

Create standard and custom reports.


What will you learn from the workshop?

Data Validation

Creating Dashboards

Lookup reference


What do you need to get to the workshop? 

Must carry your own laptop.

MS Excel 2010 or higher 

Mac users, must ensure you have Excel. Numbers (from Apple) won’t help for this workshop.


Topics to be covered -

1. Formatting and Exploring Data,Table auto, Conditional formatting, Advanced Filtering, Pivot tables and Charts

2. Advanced Excel Functions, Logical functions, Text functions, Lookup and reference functions, Date & Time functions, Financial functions, Mathematical functions ,Statistical functions, Information functions

3. Excel Charts

4. Dynamic Charts

5. Data Tools

6. What-if Analysis, Goal Seek, Solver, Scenario Manager

7. Auditing, Protection and Security

8. Tracing precedent cells, dependent cells

9. Inserting and Viewing comments, Tracking Feature

10. Protection up to Workbook, Worksheet level

11. Protection up to Range level

Work faster, save time! Be Awesome! 

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 Aug 22, 2019 05:00 PM (IST)

91springboard BKC
91springboard BKC 1st & 2nd Floor, Kagalwala House, Plot No. 175, Behind Metro House, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz East, Kolivery Village, MMRDA Area, Bandra Kurla Complex, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098 Mumbai

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